Wink Killer Coord
Coord Info
Brand Avaritia
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 1

The Wink Killer Coord is Avaritia's basic coord and outfit from her self named brand, Avaritia. It was released in Prologue: Phase 1 and resembles the Halloween Trick Coord.



Wink Killer bareEdit

A bubblegum enamel tube top with a black ribbon wrapped beneath the chest. Included is a bubblegum enamel collar and a pair of puffy soft pink sleeves resting beneath the shoulder, attached to sleeves with a piece of material wrapped around the middle finger. The user gains pink nails.

Wink Killer MiniEdit

A bubblegum enamel skirt with soft pink fluffy trim. A black ribbon is tied around the waist.

Wink Killer BootsEdit

Tall bubblegum enamel boots with a black solid sole adorned by a single pink heart. On the side rests a bubblegum bow with a large red heart gem.

Counter Devil TactEdit

A black wand with a diamond on the end, beneath a bow. A dull brown and black diamond rests on the opposite end, beneath a large red heart with a pair of black demon wings.

Counter Devil EarringsEdit

Dangle earrings made of two metallic spheres, one gold, one lavender, attached to a large red heart.


A black devil horn headband with a large ruby heart attached to a pink bow on the side.


Thin dark purple demon wings with lighter purple gradient on the inside. A ring of yellow circles the claws sticking out of them.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit