This page lists the main jobs on the wiki, and the frequent editors in each category.

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If you would like to understand more about each category, you may ask the Administrators.

General Editing

This can be any type of editing from creating pages to fixing minor errors. This can be done by any user, but the frequent editors are listed below:


Another job that you often see being done on the wiki are descriptions, whether that is coord descriptions, summaries, describing characters, or anything that requires a lot of typing.


Since our main sources are usually in Japanese, these are practically a requirement.


From the userboxes on our profiles to the infoboxes and navigation templates, you can consult the users below to assist you in making a template or suggesting changes.

Wiki Design

Even though the Wiki Design can only be done by administrators, they do their best changing Wiki Backgrounds and the Wiki's theme color when a new collection comes out.

Coord Pages

The users listed below are the frequent editors that you can find editing, creating and finding images for the coord pages, so any questions on the coord pages would be best if it is directed to the users below.


Image & Video galleries

These users are often in charge of uploading images whether its cards, images, merchandise, videos or just commercials. If you're not sure if an image you've found has been uploaded to the wiki, please ask one of these users.

Collection Pages

Anyone can edit the collection pages, but the users below are usually the ones seen editing the pages and fixing errors.


The wiki has numerous categories, and placing a page in the apropriate place is necessary.