Kanji ウエステ
Romaji Uesute
Character Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Red & Gold
Weapon Staff

Waste is a Rival characters in Otocadoll. With her wand to fight, she is a red and gold themed Princess.



Waste has a fair complexion with slanted red eyes and long, straightened blonde hair. Her bangs and forelock are cut short, accented with a thin red headband and a large gold and red crown. She wears matching gold accessories for earrings and necklace, a red beaded bracelet, one of gold, and several rings.

In an Easter-inspired design, Waste has lighter hair and her eyes appear bright pink. She gains a floral white and lavender Gothic Lolita dress.


A Spendthrift looking for instant gratification. Such as eating the strawberry off a cake first, rather than saving it or purchasing something at first sight if she likes it. She has an air of royalty but can come across as a little demanding. 

Stage EntranceEdit

Appears with shopping bags on her arm. As she admires her jewelry she walks down the set of stairs.



  • Charge - Winks, then spins once to summon golden winds to increase her special bar.
  • Shine - In a golden floral field she raises her wand to spend an aura ball of gold to the clouds. A beam of light strikes the target.


The scenery changes to one of red and gold luxury. As Gold and Red shining glitter forms around Waste as she lands on top of a small stage and she uses her weapon to sing. She spins and raises it to release a huge amount of glitter and beams of light, raising her attack/appeals bar.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • "The strawberry on a slice of a cake is most delicious when you eat it first"


Waste means instance of using or expending something carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose.


  • Waste's Hime Mode's effect is similar to that of Sunny's Hime Mode; both involve greatly increasing the stats and MP of the character.
  • During development, Waste's hair color was originally supposed to be black.[1]