Vanity Flower Coord
Coord Info
Brand Chi
Game Debut 1st Dream: Phase 1

The Vanity Flower Coord is a coord from the brand Naruru. This coord was released in 1st Dream: Phase 1, worn by Naruru.

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A pale mint dress with lace trim accent with gold and a floral print. The chest is cut to reveal white material covering the breast with a pale silk pink ribbon wrapped beneath it wit hthe same floral print. The sleeves hang off of the shoulder, while the skirt is cut to reveal pale silk pink material. Comes with a flower bracelet and a matching necklace with gold chains hanging from it.


Golden sandals with the foot strap entirely composed of flowers. A white strap covers the heel, while material wraps around the lower leg with a ribbon tied in the back.

Accessory 1Edit

Earrings made from one white flower, one pink and white flower, and two pink flowers.

Accessory 2Edit

A hair clip made of several white, pink, and pale, creamy orange flowers.


A gold hand mirror with a single emerald oval stone on the hand part. Tiny pearls accent the face part.

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