Kanji ティア
Romaji Tia
Character Info
Species Mermaid
Gender Female
Color Sky blue
Weapon Shell Fan
Tear is a Rival character in Otocadoll. Her theme color is sky blue and she is a mermaid. As such, she uses her shell fan to fight.



Tear has a fair complexion with drooped orange eyes. Her long, fluffy sky blue hair is nearly the length of her entire body and mostly brushed to one side. She wears a pearl accessory with a clam shell and two stars attached. Her nails are light blue and she has tiny stars tattoos by her belly button. Her mermaid tail is pale blue and very glittery.


Tear is a crybaby and is always crying or near tears. Why she does this is anyone's guess. Even she doesn't know why she is so sensitive.

Stage EntranceEdit

A giant clam shell opens with Tear crying as she slowly rises up from it.


  • Soap Bubble Splash: One form involves Tear waving bubbles at the target with her hand. In another form, bubbles cover her fan and she blows them at the target.

Soap Bubble Paradise/Soap Bubble HeavenEdit

While wiping one of her eyes, Tear cries into a microphone as the scenery changes. She then begins to sing into it to summon several glowing bubbles that float at the target.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • " Why am I crying? Even I don't know..."


Tear comes from the word teardrop.


  • She represents the sin of Sorrow or despair.
  • During development, Tear was originally supposed to have feet instead of a fish's tail. [1]