Summer Try Coord
Coord Info
Brand Chi
Game Debut 1st Dream: Phase 1

The Summer Try Coord is a coord from the brand Chi. This coord was released in 1st Dream: Phase 1, worn by Chi.

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A glittering sapphire Chinese top with silver lining and constellation design. A silver ornate strap rests in the center with two tassels, each with a turquoise star gem.


A glittering sapphire flap skirt with three ruffled layers beneath it, each with a white star print and thin amounts of glitter. The top two skirts are powder blue, the bottom is lilac and pale pink. At each corner sewn to the bottom is a turquoise star gem with silver tassel hanging from it.


Sapphire glittering pumps with silver lining and a constellation design. A silver ribbon wraps around the ankle with a bird-shaped on the front.


A gradient glittering sapphire fan with silver handle and a small tassel hanging from the bottom. A silver star lines each piece on top, while resting on the side are a few turquoise star gems.


A silver tiara with a turquoise star-shaped gem.


A gradient, sheer scarf tied into a bow on the bottom. Gold, blue, and amethyst star gems adorn it.


A silver oval attached to a turquoise gem star, each with a silver tassel hanging from it.

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