Shadow Ai
Rival 22
Character Info
Species Living Shadow
Gender Female
Color Black
Weapon Staff/Wand

Shadow Ai (also known as Ai's Shadow) is a new Rival in Otocadoll, along with Ame and Yomi. She is the living personification of Ai's shadow.



As Ai's shadow, Shadow Ai looks exactly like her but with a dark color scheme. They share the same skin coloring, but where Ai has pink hair with a blonde ombre and bright, light blue eyes, Shadow Ai has pitch black hair and eyes of magenta. She also wears black nail polish. Her expressions are generally sad and melancholy. She doesn't appear to smile.

Her attire also reflects their differences, with her normal outfit being various shades of grey and black, accent in magenta and cherry.


Unlike her original self who is more cheerful, Shadow Ai is more depressed and soft-spoken with a bleak outlook on things. She laments how as a shadow of a person, she doesn't think people will accept her as she's not a real person. She believes Ai doesn't even remember her, to the point of thanking Ai if she's defeated by her in game.


Significant CoordsEdit


Un-translated, Kage means shadow in Japanese. Ai means love in Japanese. This refers to how she is the shadow self of Ai.


  • "Nothing matters anymore. Hurry up and finish this..."
  • "I'm the unforgotten shadow...I'm not human..."


  • She is the third character introduced as a clone/twin of another character. The first being Es, who resembles Aidee. The second is Michaco, who shares her appearance with Luciko.
    • She is the second dark themed clone character, the first being Es.  


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