Kanji セイナ
Romaji Seina
Character Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Green, Blue
Weapon Book
Seina is a Player Character of Otocadoll. Her favorite brand is Marguerite Crown and she was introduced in Prologue: Phase 1. Her weapon is a book. 

In the July 14th update, she and Sunny attempted to make an idol group called "Phoenix" and goes under the idol name "Luna".



Seina has a fair complexion with long pale brown hair with straight cut bottom and bangs. Her forelocks reach her chest. Her partially slanted eyes are blue.

In game her casual attire is a pale pearl blue blouse with a sky blue skirt and black heels. Her skirt has tiny pale blue dots making circle shapes.


The perfect girl with an equally perfect pitch. Lady-like with an air of refinement- but quiet and very humble. Many girls strive to be like her. She has a very well put together lifestyle.


As Seina Edit

As Luna Edit

Significant CoordsEdit

  • Blue Forte Coord - The first coord given by Luciko (minus the shoes and accessories) to Seina if she is selected as the player character. This also is her casual coord.



Seina is a Japanese girls' name meaning "quiet", referring to her personality. Coincidentally, it is also the Estonian word for Wall.


  • She is the first and only Player Character with alternate color themes. She is normally depicted in green and has that coloring for her accents or backgrounds in official artwork, but her casual attire is blue and appears to have been her original color until the addition of Lyrica.
  • In the game, her Hime Mode's special is to heal herself.
    • She, along with Sunny and Lyrica, are the only Player Characters whose Hime Modes are unique, as Ai, Rose, and Coco all deal damage to their opponent/s.
  • She was the first character introduced to use a book for her weapon.
  • As Luna, she and Sunny, aka Solei, are the second pair to have the same Hime Mode. The first are Aidee and Es.
    • They are also the first rivals to have another person join their Hime Mode. Most of the Hime Modes are usually done solo.
  • She and Sunny, as Luna and Soleil, are the second pair of characters to have a duet.
    • So far, they are the only pair to have more than one duet.
  • During development, Seina was supposed to have a Japanese motif. [1]
    • She was also shown to have green hair in all forms of developement. Which could explain why her theme color wavers between blue and green.
      • During the development for "Phoenix", "Luna" was supposed to have peacock feathers and a green color scheme. [2]