Royal Decora Coord
Coord Info
Brand Waste
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 3

The Royal Decora Coord is Waste's basic coord and outfit from her self named brand, Waste. It was released in Prologue: Phase 3.



Royal Decora One-PieceEdit

A cherry gown with a thick band on each side of the torso. The inside of the dress is crimson with several sections of gold lining and detail to match the diamond design on the bottom outside of the skirt. The bell-shaped sleeves are lined in gold with a split down the center to reveal the ruffled white pieces of material. Comes with a gold jewelry accent with ruby gems, as well as paints the users nails red.

Royal Decora MuleEdit

Crimson mules with a ribbon wrapped around the ankle and a thin heel. On top of the foot rests a ruby on a gold base, connected to the ankle by a thin gold chain. Comes with peach and white diamond tile tights.

Royal Decora CrownEdit

A gold crown with small amounts of cherry coloring every few inches. On top of the crown is a ruby diamond.

Royal Decora EarringsEdit

Large ruby earrings on a gold beaded base.

Royal Queen WandEdit

A golden wand accent with ruby gems and stones. A large ruby gemstone rests on top with a small red and gold crown.

Royal Decora OnePiece
Royal Decora One-Piece
Royal Decora Mules
Royal Decora Mules
Royal Queen Wand
Royal Queen Wand
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Royal Decora Crown
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Royal Decora Earrings



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