Red Piping Coord
Coord Info
Brand Marguerite Crown
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 2

The Red Piping Coord is a Coord from the brand Marguerite Crown. It and the Black Piping Coord resemble the Cream Piping Coord. It was released in Prologue: Phase 2.



Red Piping VestEdit

A white ruffled top with a red bow worn at the collar with a ruffled cravat. The sleeves are long, with the shoulder portion slightly puffed with a string bow beneath it. A red vest lined in gold is worn over this with six buttons.

Red Checked PleatEdit

A smooth, long pleat skirt of red plaid with a line of gold around the bottom. White lace sticks out from the bottom.

Brown Long BootsEdit

Tall dark brown boots with string at the center, going up the leg and tied into a loose bow. Lining this section are tiny frills.

Angel WandEdit

A brown and gold wand with a gold diamond on the bottom. On top rests two large gold loops tangled around each other with a white and gold cross adorned with a single blue gem in the center. Gold wings are attached to the ornament.

Red Velor HeadbandEdit

A plain red head band.

Red Velor RibbonEdit

A red head band with a ribbon on top of it.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit