Pink Star Coord
Coord Info
Brand Candy Toxic
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 1

The Pink Star Coord is a recolor of the Vitamin Star Coord, along with the Cerulean Star Coord. It was released in Prologue: Phase 1 under the brand Candy Toxic.




Pink Star Sailor TopEdit

A white sailor top with light pink collar and sleeve cuff, each with a line of gold. A yellow ribbon is tied into a bow at the center. Comes with a hot pink, yellow, and pale blue star bead bracelet.

Pink Star MiniEdit

Two pink tutu skirts resting on top of a two layered white ruffle petticoat. Both skirts have a star and dot pattern coming gold. The top skirt has gold lining around the bottom, while the second has yellow stars sewn on the hem.

Pink Star ShoesEdit

Pink and white high-top sneakers with the designs from the skirt and gold lining. White frills line the top of the shoe. Comes with matching tube socks accented by a thick gold ring around the top and the stars from the skirt. On the side rests a single gold star with fuchsia and pale blue ribbon tails.

Colorful Star BarettesEdit

A pair of rainbow gem star-shaped barettes on a gold base. One is attached to a ribbon of hot pink, the other is mint.

Colorful Star EarringsEdit

Rainbow star gem earrings on a gold base.

Around CandyEdit

A tan candy stick with a yellow ribbon resting beneath a white, neon pink, and blue swirled lollipop.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit