Picnic Sax Coord
Coord Info
Brand Marguerite Crown
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 2

The Picnic Sax Coord is a Coord from the brand Marguerite Crown. The Picnic Red Coord and Picnic Mist Coord resemble it. It was released in 1st Dream: Phase 2.



Picnic Sax BlouseEdit

A pale blue gingham top with a row of white buttons going down the center. A row of white flowers circles the top of the chest, while the sleeves are made of white lace with a pale blue floral design. Included is a necklace.

Picnic Sax SkirtEdit

A pale blue gingham balloon skirt with a trim of white pleat around the bottom. A knotted bow rests at the center of the waistband.

Sakura Cream PumpsEdit

Shiny cream colored pumps with short lined socks. The lace cuff has a floral design.

Cream Straw HatEdit

A light colored straw hat with a white ribbon wrapped around the middle. Four flowers are sewn to it, along with green leaf.

White Flower PierceEdit

A large white flower hanging from each ear, attached to a tiny stud. The center is yellow, and attached to each are two green leaf.

Picnic Flower ___Edit

A wand made out of large green leaf and stems, adorned with a thick, two-layered tail ribbon of cream that wraps around them. Several flowers stick out of the top, including those from the outfit, roses, tiny blue flowers, and lilac flowers with darker colored centers.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit