The Otocadoll game is a Japanese arcade game created by KONAMI. The game consists on magical idols who gather energy through the rhythm of songs, which is used to defeat rivals or monsters. To play it the User is required to have a ticket that will identify them as an idol.

It was released in 2015 and is currently in it's 3rd-4th year. Periodically, new songs, outfits, and characters are released.

Thematic Edit

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The objective of the game is to gain the most energy to change ranges and battle the various rivals that appear throughout the levels. To do this the Player will gain various outfit pieces or items to make accessories to power their Idol up. When the user has powered enough, they will have some attack options to decide which one to use and cause damage to the rival. The bigger the attack is, more energy will be used.

There are also options to change character´s color scheme, coords, accessories, weapons, and songs

Rival Characters can also be unlocked and used in battle.

Coord Rarities Edit

The coords rarities are divided into categories:

  • Normal (bronze)
  • Rare (silver)
  • Super Rare (gold)

Brands Edit

The Brands are outfit categories, most of which are based on the Playable cast based on her aesthetic. The known brands are:

Playable CharactersEdit