Kanji ネインドラ
Romaji Neindora
Character Info
Species Cat
Gender Female
Color Yellow

Nyandora is the mascot character in Otocadoll. She teaches the Player the ropes of the game and lends them a hand with various features both in the game and on the official website. She often ends her sentences wit.h "~nyora".


She is the guide to help set up a playable character and how to battle in the tutorial battle against Luciko. She assists the player on basically everything in the arcade game from selling items, changing the character's hair and eye color, choosing a battle group and rivals, and assists in creating the cards that are made after every battle.


Nyandora is a pale cream-colored cat with pale pink whisker like marks beneath her mouth, matching her inner-ear and nose. She has large, feminine eyes of pale green. Her paws appear larger than her feet, and on her torso is a pocket flap. She wears a gold crown on the top of her head.



i'm the princess of cards


  • She is voiced by the singer who sings every Otoca Doll song, NU-KO, as shown on a Chao (a Japanese shojo magazine) video on Youtube of her recording the song "Lovely FACE". At the very end, she spoils the fact that she is the voice of Nyandora by saying one of her lines, then she covers her mouth in surprise afterwards.
  • Nyandora's teaser image of her human form vaguely resembles Hibiki Shikyoin from PriPara.