Neon Glitter Coord
Coord Info
Brand Sci-Fi Girl
Game Debut 1st Dream: Phase 1
The Neon Glitter Coord is a coord from the brand Sci-Fi Girl.

This coord was released in 1st Dream: Phase 1 and resembles the Blue Glitter Coord and Dark Glitter Coord.

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Appearance Edit

Neon Glitter Top Edit

A shiny purple top with material cut out on top of the chest. The clear ruffled sleeves accent the neon green coloring on the sides.

Neon Glitter Clear Mini Edit

A neon green tube skirt with shiny purple material going down the center. Over this is a clear tutu skirt.

Neon Clear Boots Edit

Pale yellow shoes with a wedge heel and clear cuff. Comes with black tights accent by a single white line going down the leg.

Neon Beat Headphones Edit

White headphones with a neon green ring tracing the brand logo on the ear piece. The inner ear and strip above each one is also neon green.

Neon Clear Bangle Edit

A split colored bangle bracelet, one half is purple, the other is translucent green.

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