Neon Geo Coord
Coord Info
Brand Sci-Fi Girl
Game Debut 1st Dream: Phase 1

The Neon Geo Coord is a coord from the brand Sci-Fi Girl. This coord was released in 1st Dream: Phase 1. The Magenta Geo Coord and Blue Geo Coord resemble it.

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Appearance Edit

Neon Geo Top Edit

A dull moss top with lime line detail and a black and white strip around the bottom to match the silver gems on the chest. Hanging from the back are moss gradient tales with lime gradient detail. White opera gloves with a silver ring cuff are included, along with a dark green choker.

Neon Geo Mini Edit

A moss skirt with lime geometric shapes and line detail in two layers. Sticking out from the bottom is a shiny white petticoat. The waistband is dark green.

Neon Geo Heels Edit

Pale mint boots reaching past the thigh. On the lower leg is dull, moss gradient coloring on the foot, while adorning the boots are lime diamond shapes. A topaz rests on the foot with a dark blue gem above it.

Neon Geo Hairband Edit

A midnight blue band with triangle pieces alternating between orange and white.


Neon orange triangle shard earrings.

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