Kanji ミカ子
Romaji Mikako
Character Info
Species Archangel
Gender Female
Color Blue
Weapon Staff

Michaco is a Rival character in Otocadoll, introduced July 28, 2016 along with Es. Her theme colors are blue and soft pink, and she uses a staff to fight. Her prefered brand is Love of Eden.

She is Luciko’s younger sister.



Michaco has a fair complexion with white hair worn in thick ringlet twintails adorned with flowers to match the flower ornament on top of her head. Her short bangs frame her face with a thin cowlick curling over them. Her eyes are crystal blue, with faint apple-shaped highlights toward the left side of the irises. She wears gold earrings, one a dagger, the other a pair of scales. Her nails are hot pink, while her toe nails are sky blue.


Stage EntranceEdit

A large beam of light opens between the clouds and Michaco slowly floats down. She speaks while landing, then crosses her arms to twirl her wand before posing. She holds out one hand and a heart floats from it.


  • Shine/Glory Nemesis - The top of her wand lights up with tiny hearts trailing behind it as she floats up to the sky. A large, golden heart hits the target. Glory Nemesis version has more hearts.
  • Holy/Holy Love Shower - A glittering gust of wind picks up her wand, forming large clouds on top of her target. The clouds open with a beam of light and lightning strikes. Holy Love Shower has multiple showers with hearts coming out.
  • Heal & Refresh - A glittering green glow forms around her and the wand, along with several hearts. As she spins and poses, she heals her health.
  • Forbidden Salamander - This is similar to the Salamander attack, except the fire is blue.

Garden of Eden/Love of EdenEdit

In a dark, desolate land, Michaco stands alone and grabs a glowing white rose. She slowly spins around to release it as the petals fall off, she floats into the air, revealing a bright landscape filled with flowers. She then laughs manically like Luciko.


Significant CoordsEdit


Michaco is derived from two words. Micha comes from Michael, which from Hebrew means "Where is God?". It could also come from another Hebrew word, Micah, meaning "Who is like God?". Co may come from the word Ko, which is Japanese for "child".



  • If Luciko or Es is her opponent, then a special dialogue will happen.
    • In Luciko's case, she affectionately calls her "Luc-chan" as she is happy to see her sister, much to the Luciko's annoyance.
  • Her "Love of Eden" attack appears to be the inverse of Luciko's "Lost Paradise," beginning in the fiery landscape created by Luciko and ending with the garden seen at the beginning of her attack. There is no evidence as to which was the original state of the land.
  • Michaco, along with Es, Yomi, Ame and Shadow Ai are the only rivals to have an extended quote after defeat; in her case, she falls but rises up against players and rivals, and in Luciko's case, she gets upset at how she's more better than Luciko when defeated.