Magical Night Coord
Coord Info
Brand Envy
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 1

The Magical Night Coord is Envy's basic coord and outfit from her self named brand, Envy. It was released in Prologue: Phase 1.



Magical Night TopEdit

An amethyst tube top with violet lining and a glittering texture in the material, along with several gold stars. Sleeves rest beneath the shoulder with the same designs. Comes with a violet striped ribbon for the neck accented by a gold cat bell, gold bracelets, and a single black glove with lavender lace trim.

Magical Night MiniEdit

A skirt in multiple layers. The top matches the shirt, but with a thicker curling violet lining and trim of pale pink lace. On each side rests a violet bow with a gold bell sewn to the middle. The second layer is pale pink with gold lining, resting on top of a slightly longer violet section also lined in gold.

Magical Night ShoesEdit

Amethyst shoes with violet string attached to a ribbon and white sole. The cuff is a flap lined in violet, white, and gold. Comes with pale pink tube socks with violet lace trim beneath the cuff.


A pair of black cat ears.


A glittering purple and violet gradient witches hat. The rim is lined in gold to match the pattern of dots, stars, and the single crescent moon, along with the ornament hanging from the tip. Around the middle is a violet ribbon, along with a pair of black cat ears.

Magical Ribbon WandEdit

A brown wooden wand shaped in a curled question mark on top. Three ribbon are tied to the side, coming in sky blue, yellow, and hot pink.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit