Kanji ルシ子
Romaji Rushi-ko
Character Info
Species Demon Lord
Gender Female
Color Raspberry & Crimson
Weapon Staff

Luciko is a Rival character in Otocadoll. She is the first Rival the Player encounters and uses a wand to fight and is the Demon Lord. Her color scheme is raspberry and crimson.

She also gives the Player Character a set of clothes (minus the shoes and accessories) from their respective brands after clearing the tutorial.

She uses the brand Lost Paradise.



Luciko has a fair complexion with large purple eyes and blonde hair worn in very thick ringlet twin-tails, each held with a raspberry bow. Her bangs frame the upper portion of her face with a cowlick curling on top of them.


The playful ruler of demons. With a teasing nature, Luciko covers her menacing and darker side with toying expressions. She loves to be entertained but is not one to be taken lightly.

Stage EntranceEdit

A magic circle forms on the ground and Luciko appears, having been thrown upward. She laughs while landing and poses.

In another verson, Luciko floats up in a purple sphere, which shatters as she bursts it open. She lands on the ground and laughs, remarking on the situation.


Purple lightning strikes the ground and she appears gracefully. After a moment she suddenly acts like a scary monster at the camera, then laughs at the response before pulling out her staff.


Minor AbilitiesEdit

  • Fire - Purple glowing hearts appear as she spins and aims her staff, releasing a fireball.
  • Salamander - Luciko summons a fireball with her staff and fires it, transforming into a dragon that surround the enemy.
  • Heal & Refresh - Spins around with several purple glowing hearts to restore health.
  • Shine - Luciko summons a bright light and twirls around, then the ball of light appears at the target as it explodes, dealing damage.
  • Glory Nemesis - Luciko's animation is the same with her Shine attack except that more hearts appear at the ball of light.
  • Dark Judgment - Luciko summons a dark cloud with her staff acting as a lightning rod, then commands it to fire the lightning at the target.

Lost ParadiseEdit

Luciko giggles as she finds herself in a bright, huge flower field. She happily spins around as pink and yellow flower petals swirl around her and raises a hand to release a single flower. The petals break off of it and she floats into the air, suddenly revealing a dark and desolate land filled with vibrant flames as she begins cruelly laugh. 

Alt Form MinorEdit

  • A flame grows from her hand and she rams it into her staff to summon a huge burst of flames.
  • Luciko curls up as a green diamond and glow form around her. She bursts from it with her ornate wing-like pieces swirling around her as she pouts at the target, restoring her health.
  • A flame trail swirls around her, then she aims it at the target using her staff.

The Last Dance/The Last Dance ・ For YouEdit

The wing-like pieces swirl around the tip of her staff, which she wields like a bat and sends a huge burst of energy at the opponent. The wing pieces float into the air to form a dark energy sphere, which collides with the target, followed by the individual pieces striking the ground to surround them. She turns away as lightning begins striking the spot, followed by a huge icicle and a burst of flames. She floats into the air once more, raising her staff as the wing pieces rise up to float around it again, forming two sides of a hammer, which she uses to strike the opponent.


Significant CoordsEdit

  • Scarlet Frill Coord - Luciko's casual coord. She also wears this in the tutorial battle after selecting the Player Character.
  • Veritas Coord - Her second coord which she wears in 3rd Dream Part 3. Upon wearing this coord, Luciko's special skill changes.


  • "Kyahaha! Won't you do something to entertain me?"


Luciko is derived from two words. Luci comes from Lucifer, which from Latin means "light-bringing", while ko is Japanese for "child".


  • She is the only character to eat Ai's cooking without fainting and really seems to like it.
    • This can also be seen during her appearance in Pop'n Music.
  • She is the only character to have two different special skills depending on which coord she wears.
  • Her first skill, "Lost Paradise," is the only skill thus far not to have two different names, instead just being written in either katakana or English.
    • The version in English was initially spelled "Lost Paradice," but this has since been corrected.
  • If she is played against Michaco, then a special dialogue will occur.
  • She, along with Aidee, are the first two characters to have a clone/twin. They were later followed by Ai.
  • Luciko is thought to resemble Kii Saegusa from the Aikatsu! series by many fans.
  • If you dress up in Aidee's coord and defeat her, she will start crying and a cutscene where the player befriends her will occur.
  • Although she appears as early as Prologue: Phase 1, her coord would not appear until 1st Dream: Phase 2.
  • In a figurine poster, her name is spelled as "Lucico".