Lollipop Pastel Coord
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Coord Info
Brand Candy Toxic
Game Debut 1st Dream: Phase 3

The Lollipop Pastel Coord is from Candy Toxic and was released in 1st Dream: Phase 3. The Lollipop White Coord and Lollipop Vivid Coord resemble it.




Lollipop Pastel T-ShirtEdit

A cream T-shirt with a dot pattern on the sleeves and the Candy Toxic logo on the chest, surrounded by a rainbow and stars. Several pom-pom adorn the collar, few of which hang down.

Lollipop Pastel SkirtEdit

A blue and white diagonal striped skirt with a row of rainbow buttons going down the center. The waistband is sky blue, while a trim of white hangs from the bottom, accenting the row of rainbow, pastel pom-pom sewn around the hem. On the lower left corner of the skirt is a pink candy design and a smiley face.

Lollipop Pastel ShoesEdit

Pink-Lavender sneakers with a slight gradient and while sole. Teh strings are dark grey, while sky blue accents the shoe, along with three violet buttons. Comes with cream socks, each with pastel, rainbow pom-pom sewn aroun the middle and a faded music note print on the legs.

Pastel Bon-BonEdit

Two Pom-pom for the hair, one set is pastel yellow and fuchsia. The other is light purple and sky blue.

Pastel Beads BraceEdit

Two bracelets, one a lavender bangle, the other being pastel diamond gems.

Tomboy Piko Piko HammerEdit

A yellow squeaky mallet with the Candy Toxic logo on the side. The handle is white with diagonal stripes coming in fuchsia and yellow. The bottom is white, while the gold band on top is accent by a sky blue ribbon.


  • The weapon is based on the Piko Piko Hammer. A japanese toy that squeaks when it hits things and is made from a softened plastic.


Official ArtEdit

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