Kanji ライア
Romaji Raia
Character Info
Age 22
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Orange
Weapon Sword

Liar is one of the Rivals in Otocadoll. A pirate who uses her sword for battle, her theme color is Orange. She uses her self-named brand Liar.



Liar has a lightly tanned complexion with gentle gold eyes, and long dirty blonde hair. The hair on the sides of her head is pulled to the right in a braided bun, with the rest worn loose in a ponytail with a curled segment on the side hanging from the braid. She has a single, long bang brushed to the side, along with short, rolled forelocks that reach her shoulders. Through her hair is an orange streak.


Liar comes as being a gentle and friendly looking girl, but true to her name she isn't one to be trusted. She often tricks people into accepting challenges with her using empty promises of allowing them to take her treasure if they best her.

However, she seems to have a soft spot for her parrot, Truth.

Stage EntranceEdit

Liar calls out to Trth, who lands on her head to knock her hat down. Annoyed, she pulls it back on and allows Truth to land on her hand before gently scolding him. It responds to her and she pulls out her sword.


Ambient Heart/Ambient Heart SlashEdit

Truth flies away and Liar yells out, changing the scenery. She slashes her sword to summon energy spheres, then sends them out like several cannon balls.


Significant CoordsEdit



Liar means "a person who tells something that is not true.”


  • During development, Liar was originally supposed to have shorter hair and a yellow color scheme. Also, she wasn't supposed to have a parrot. [1]



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