Hime Mode (Princess Mode) is a special ability used by the player character dolls in Otocadoll. Each girl has her own unique transformation and ability that comes with the power-up.



Character Image Description
A heart swirls around Ai and raises above her with another heart appearing. They form together to shower Ai in a pink light, which then changes her attire. She poses, surrounded by shine marks and hearts.
In the evening sky, Sunny rides on a glowing star, surrounded by several others. Her appearances changes and she hops up to surf on the star and comes to a stop, posing. With a brilliant shine from behind, she poses again.
Seina A giant glowing white bud forms from the ground, opening to reveal Seina. As she rises the petals pop off of the flower and swirl around her.
Rose Rose applies purple lipstick before slowly spinning as purple roses surround her. She shines until her new outfit forms, then blows a kiss. With  a glowing hand she flips a small part of hair with glitter being released as she winks and raises her hand outward.
Lyrica In a digital room a glowing blue beam floats up her body and past her head, causing her to vanish in a glowing blue light and appear in another spot, where she gains a new outfit and poses.
Coco Standing in a flower field, Coco sips from a tea cup when three large pink ribbons float up and cover her, growing larger as a new outfit appears on her. As Coco poses flower petals and glitter float around her.


Character Image Description
Ai brings her hands before her chest to form a glowing heart and grabs it, forming a chain of hearts that swirl around from her wand. She unleashes the hearts, which fly at the target and form a giant heart that explodes.
Sunny After her transformation pose, Sunny spins around to pose again, releasing large, vibrant glowing stars from behind to increase her stats.
Seina Seina releases flower petals and finds herself in a large flower field as a gold light surrounds her. She is healed by this.
Rose A purple glass rose appears and she kisses it before throwing it into the sky, where it englarges and bursts apart. The shards break into several roses and attack the target.
Lyrica She poses before darting around the room and flying down the path. She slides to a landing and snaps a finger to to summon several glowing green walls.
Coco She raises her glowing fan and begins to quickly spin around, sending pink wind, petals, leaf, and aura spheres into the air to form a thick and large pink tornado.