Kanji グリコ
Romaji Guriko
Character Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Pink
Weapon Giant Spoon

Gulico is a Rival characters in Otocadoll. Her theme color is pink and she hails from the Land of Sweets. She fights with her giant spoon.



Gulico has a pale complexion with large ruby eyes. Her curly pink hair is mostly worn loose, reaching her chest and curling inward. She has straight cut bangs and short forelocks with a ring on the end. On each side of her head is a thick curl of hair in a bun. On her head is a white tiara or brim with holes cut in it.


A cute, but major glutton with a huge apetite. She can be a little selfish or childish, and doesn't seem bothered by taking the sweets or candies owned by others to appease her hunger.

Stage EntranceEdit

Gulico arrives to the stage using her spoon like a witches broom. She lands and wags a finger before spinning around on one foot and posing.


Gulico slowly runs forward, step by step in a flower field. She jumps into the air, doing a few flips before gracefully landing. She points, then twirls around to pull out her weapon to pose.



  • Drain - Points at the target to summon candy spheres. She then sucks them back to her mouth to steal the targets health and heal herself.


Her weapon glows pink as she aims it at the target. A pink glow forms beneath them and summons a giant sweets table in their place. Using her spoon, she floats onto the table and slams it down on it to send the food flying up into the air. After a second of contemplating, Gulico gracefully pulls the foods towards her mouth using her magic. This ability restores her own health.


In her alternate form, Gulico will eat the dango off of her stick. Doing so restores a good chunk of stats.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • "I'll eat all of the sweets you have ~slurp~!"


Gulico comes from the Japanese confectionary brand named Ezaki Glico, which is commonly called Glico. (江崎グリコ; pronounced as Guriko.)


  • She, along with Ira and Sunny are the only characters who have unique weapons.
  • She is the seventh person to be named/based on the Seven Deadly Sins, representing Gluttony. The others, are Envy, Acedia, AvaritiaLuxuria Flawless and Prid
    • If one counted Tear who represents the sin of Sorrow, which is not always seen as a sin she would be the eighth person to be named after a sin.
  • Gulico often ends her sentences with "~slurp".