Glamorous Coord
Coord Info
Brand Luxuria
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 3

The Glamorous Coord is Luxuria's basic coord and outfit from her self named brand, Luxuria. It was released in Prologue: Phase 3.



Glamorous CorsetEdit

A black corset with white frill trim lining and on the torso. Comes with two black leather straps beneath the left shoulder and leather sleeves on the lower arm lined in white with a white ruffle sticking out of the top, accent with a black ribbon. For the neck the user gains a black collar with jewelry accent hanging from it, along with a purple-black rose.

Glamorous Ruffle SkirtEdit

A short black skirt with white frill lining. Three layers of white ruffles sticks out from bottom, while a black bow rests on back of the waist.

Glamorous Belt BootsEdit

Tight, black leather boots with five straps around the leg, each held with a gold buckle.

Glamorous Noir RibbonEdit

A dark grey double ribbon.

Glamorous EarringsEdit

Purple-Black roses with a matching droplet gem hanging from the bottom. 

Glamorous Eye PatchEdit

A dark grey skull eye patch with heart-shaped eyes.

Dark Violet FanEdit

A black folding fan reminiscent of a Gothic fence in shape. On each corner is a tiny purple-black ribbon, while the folding piece is a light purple gradient with floral pattern.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit