Fluffy Snow Coord
Coord Info
Brand Acedia
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 1

The Fluffy Snow Coord is Acedia's basic coord and outfit from her self named brand, Acedia. It was released in Prologue: Phase 1.



Fluffy Snow TopEdit

A pale blue-white lace top beneath a short ice shawl with thick white fluffy trim. A snowflake pattern covers the shawl. Sewn to the center is a blue snowflake ribbon, matching the included mittens. The cuff is made of white fluff with a single large pom-pom.

Fluffy Snow SkirtEdit

An ice blue skirt with a pale snowflake pattern. Going down the center is a row of bronze buttons. A thick white fluff trim rests around the bottom, along with white lace.

Fluffy Snow BootsEdit

Ice blue short boots with a thick white fluffy cuff, each held with a sky blue lace ribbon.

Glitter Snow BookEdit

A pale blue book with gold accent. A snowflake design rests in the center.


  • This is the only coord so far to not have any accessories when it was introduced. However, her Merry Merry Snow Coord has accessories like earrings and hat accessory.


Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit