Kanji フローレス
Romaji furōresu
Character Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Color White & Pale blue
Weapon Staff

Flawless is one of the Rivals in Otocadoll. With her staff, the Queen of Ice has a white and pale blue theme.



Flawless has a pale complexion with slanted heterochromatic eyes. The right one is ice blue, the other red. She has thick, waist-length pearl blue hair worn loose that splits into two large drills. Her bangs are brushed neatly to the side and her forelocks are tied into braids on the side of her head. Strewn through her hair are snowflakes. She wears blue nail polish and pink lipstick, and she has large snowflake shaped wings. 


Striving only for perfection, Flawless desires to live in a beautiful world that she deems her equal. As such she lives to rid of anything imperfect or what she deems to be unfitting, making her come off as cruel and uncaring. She is shown to be lonely deep down.


Flawless means something/someone without any imperfections.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • "My goal is a beautiful, perfect world!"
  • "I'm Flawless. Now, let's start the ice dance!"


  • She is the only character in the game thus far to have heterochromia.
  • Like Luciko, if you defeat her using a special coord (Acedia's christmas coord), a cutscene is triggered.
  • She represents the sin of Vanity
  • In Development stages, her wings were originally ice shards formed into wings.
    • At one point her dress was also much shorter to reveal her legs.