Kanji フィクル
Romaji Fikuru
Character Info
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Color Blue
Weapon Wand

Fickle is one of the Rivals in Otocadoll. A fairy conductor, she uses her wand in battle and has a blue color scheme. She was introduced during 1st Dream: Phase 3.

Her brand is named after her.



Fickle has a light complexion and big, crystal blue eyes. Her sky blue hair is mostly braided around the back of her head, with a long waist-length segment left loose on each side of her head that curls inward. Her bangs are brushed to the side, with a few shorter strands on the opposide side.


A my-space type who is known for being flighty. It's hard to keep Fickle's interest for long. While generally nice, she sees no problem in giving overly honest, blunt remarks and can be rude.

Stage EntranceEdit

Fickle floats in the air as a dark blue butterfly flies over to her conductor wand and causes it to glow. She slowly comes to a landing and spins around with a glowing, glittery aura of purple and green.


Swallowtail Dance/ Swallowtail DreamEdit

Fickle poses with several sparklers and light beams surrounding her, revealing her to be on a stage within a dance room. As the lights spin around she dances and makes a few poses before flying into the air. An aura sphere is shown forming from her conductors stick, which she shoots at the target.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • "Don't you think you're super uncool-looking?"


  • Fickle has a character tic where she adds chou when speaking. This is a play on words as she has a butterfly theme, and the word chou translates to butterfly.
  • Chou has a vague resemblence to Miku Hatsune.
  • During development, Fickle was a flowery butterfly girl who wore green and white. She has green eyes and orange twin-tails. [1]