Kanji フィクル
Romaji Fikuru
Character Info
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Color Blue
Weapon Wand

Fickle is a Rival characters in Otocadoll. Her theme color is blue and is a fairy. She uses a conductors wand in battle. Her brand is named after her.

She was introduced during 1st Dream: Phase 3.



Fickle has a fair complexion with crystal blue eyes and long hair worn in low, loose twin-tails with the rest of her hair cut short. Her bangs curl in various directions and she wears a blue cap with a butterfly attached to the corner, matching her silver butterfly earrings.


A flightly and my-pace fairy. It's hard to keep her interest and she has no problem rudely giving her opinions.

Stage EntranceEdit

Fickle is shown floating in air as a dark blue butterfly flies to her wand and causes it to glow. While slowly landing on the ground she spins with a glowing, glittering aura of purple and green surrounding her.


Swallowtail Dance/ Swallowtail DreamEdit

Fickle poses with several sparklers and light beams surrounding her, revealing her to be on a stage within a dance room. As the lights spin around she dances and makes a few poses before flying into the air. An aura sphere is shown forming from her conductors stick, which she shoots at the target.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • "Don't you think you're super uncool-looking?"


  • She would often say the word "chou" in between her sentences. "Chou" in her case is a play-on word. It can mean "butterfly", due to her appearance or "very".
  • During development, Fickle was originally supposed to have orange twintails and green eyes. [1]