Evening Summer Coord
Coord Info
Brand Heart Parade
Game Debut 1st Dream: Phase 1
The Evening Summer Coord is a coord from the brand Heart Parade. This coord was released in 1st Dream: Phase 1. It resembles the Summer Red Coord and Peach Summer Coord.

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Appearance Edit

Evening Summer Blouse Edit

A powder blue tank-top worn beneath a sheer dot print bouse with a knot bow resting at the bottom. Pale blue ruffles go up the center and make up the collor and sleeve straps, each section lined in black. White buttons rest on the black strip going up the center, while a black bow rests on the side of the sleeve.

Evening Chiffon Skirt Edit

A sheer grey lace princess skirt with a blue floral pattern and several small white bows. Around the hem is a thin white line with a bow sewn every few inches. The waistband is black to match the petticoat.

Evening Summer Pumps Edit

Black pumps with a heel flap and most of the upper foot cut out. A cloth piece wraps around the back and side of the ankle with a blue ribbon tied in front.

Black Satin Bow Ribbon Edit

A thin black ribbon tied in the hair.

Black Bow Ribbon Bangle Edit

A thick black ribbon tied around the wrist.

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