Kanji エス
Romaji Esu
Character Info
Species Doll (Automaton)
Gender Female
Color Purple & Black
Weapon Key

Es is a Rival character in Otocadoll. Her theme colors are black and purple, and she uses a large key as a weapon. Like Aidee, she is an automaton, or a wind-up doll and a servant to Michaco. Her prefered brand is Love of Eden.

She resembles Aidee.



Es has a pale complexion and fluffy pink-platinum hair worn loose and with a pair of short, thick twin-tails. Her bangs are neatly brushed. She has heavy looking eyes of silver with thick lashes. She wears silver earrings, one a lock, one a key, along with a silver headband with a birdcage attached to it, along with two black feathers and an amethyst striped ribbon with a gold ornament. She has a large silver wind up key on her back.

Personality Edit

She exists to serve and protect Michaco, thinking of little else beyond her admiration for the archangel. She appears to believe everyone should do the same.

Stage Entrance Edit

Es' introduction is almost similar to that of Aidee's; she is seen standing still as she is being wound up. The only exception is that Es' eyes are closed in the entrance and opens them when she does the pose. In Aidee’s case, her eyes were just open the whole time.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • "Aidee, since your like that, Ms.Luciko is..."

Etymology Edit

Es comes from a conjugation of the verb "to be" in Latin and other Romance languages.


  • If Luciko, Michaco, or Aidee is her opponent, then a special dialogue will happen.
  • Unlike Aidee, if Es is victorious, instead of twirling around like Aidee, she curtseys.
  • Es, along with Michaco, Yomi, Ame, and Shadow Ai are the only rivals to have an extended quote after defeat; in Es's cases, she acknowledges the players' strength.