Kanji エンビー
Romaji Enbī
Character Info
Species Witch
Gender Female
Color Purple & Orange
Weapon Staff

Envy is a witch and Rival characters in Otocadoll. She uses a staff to fight with and has a purple and light orange as her image color.

She first appeared in Prologue: Phase 1.



Envy has a fair complexion with large soft orange eyes and very long orange-brown hair worn in low braided twin-tails, each held with a gold cat head ornament attached to a purple ribbon. She has dark grey cat ears and a tail. Her short bangs are accented with thick, fluffy forelocks.


Always seeking someone's property, Envy wants it for no real reason; although she often makes claims to having wanted it for a long time. She can be childish at times and gets flustered easily. 

Stage EntranceEdit

Envy appears and flips the rim of her witches hat up while making an annoyed face before she starts to talk.


Minor AbilitiesEdit

  • Spins her wand to send a bolt of lightning down.
  • Releases small fire balls to form a burst of flames.


Surrounded by glitter the scenery changes as Envy grabs her wand. She spins twice more while talking, stopping to pose in between them and raises her wand to unleash a huge tornado at the target.

Significant CoordsEdit



  • "Isn't that nice...I wanted one of those~"


Envy is considered to be one of the Human sins. It means wanting something that belongs to someone else and having feelings of resentment towards the owner.


  • She is the first person to be named/based on the Seven Deadly Sins, the other two is Avaritia and Acedia.