Kanji ココ
Romaji Koko
Character Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Soft Pink, White
Weapon Fan or Wand

Coco is the newest Player Character in Otocadoll. Her favorite brand is Minette and her weapon often changes between a hand fan and a staff/wand.

Coco was introduced in the October 1, 2015 update of the game, along with Avaritia and Ira. She is currently the last Playable Character added to the game.



Coco has a pale complexion with large, clear blue eyes and long, thick platinum blonde hair that appears chest length with fluffy bangs ending above her eyes. Her thin curled forelocks reach her shoulders.


Coco is sweet and delicate with a cute and refined nature compareable to a Princess. She is elegant with a fairy-tale wonder. She enjoys drinking black tea and collecting stuffed animals.


  • Rainy Weather
  • Rainy Weather ~Baroque Style~
  • Rainy Weather ~Winter Pop Style~
  • Rainy Weather -Otoca D'or ReMIXies-

Significant CoordsEdit

  • Blossom Coord - The first coord given by Luciko (minus the shoes and accessories) to Coco if she is selected as the player character. This is also her casual outfit.


  • "I'm Coco. It's time for my debut."


  • Coco is the second character with an alternate color scheme. Her theme color appears to be pale pink in most coords and official artwork, but in group images or when paired with Ai, her attire gains a light red tone.
    • This also makes her the second Player Character to feature this, the first being Seina.
  • Her symbol is a Bow/Ribbon.
  • In the game, her Hime Mode's special deals damage to her opponent/s.
    • She shares this trait with Ai and Rose.