Kanji ちい
Romaji Chī
Character Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Blue
Weapon Fan

Chi is a Rival characters in Otocadoll. She is a blue themed Orihime (weaver princess), and uses a fan to fight.

She was introduced in 1st Dream: Phase 1.



Chi has a fair complexion with sharp blue eyes to match her dark blue, gradient hair. She has bangs flaring out at the side while the center is cut straight. Her hair is pulled into a bow-like loop on top of her head, held with a silver and blue tiara. She wears blue earrings with a silver dangle beneath it to match her bracelet. She has blue nails.

In her second design, Chi gains an elegant chinese design, switching her glittering blue and pastel theme for one of red and black. Her hair is now blonde and worn under chinese hair caps and her nails appear to be pink or red. The stars and dots surrounding her are now gold and black. Instead of a fan she uses several spell tags held together like a fan. 


A serious, but once neglectful of her duties Princess who has since fallen in love. Feminine, but easy to anger- she is a tsundere.

Stage EntranceEdit

Slowly Chi drifts onto the stage while contemplating as glitter and stars surround her. She slowly spirals and comes to a landing.


  • Meteor- Chi summons a star before tossing it up in the air and let it fall on the opponent
  • Charge- Chi twirls in the air before hovering in purple aura.

Thousand WishEdit

Glitter and stars surround Chi and she spins around to raise her fan. They travel high into the star filled sky and form constellations, which then form a large light beam that hits the target.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • "I won't skip out on weaving anymore, so I want to be together forever..."


Chi Is the 22 letter in the greek alphabet. In astronomy, it's the 22 star in a constellation.


  • During development, Chi was originally supposed to have silver hair and red eyes.[1]