Charcoal Forte Coord
Coord Info
Brand Marguerite Crown
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 1

The Charcoal Forte Coord is a Coord from the brand Marguerite Crown. It is a recolor of the Blue Forte Coord, along with the Bold Forte Coord. It was released in Prologue: Phase 1.



Charcoal Forte TopEdit

Brown Mary-janes with black platform sole. Two gold gem music notes are sewn to the strap at the corner of the foot. Comes with a pair of black tights, one of which is detailed with gold music notes.

Charcoal Forte SkirtEdit

A three layer skirt. The top and second are dark grey with gold and pale blue musical notes all over it. Around the second layer are gold music lines with large notes print on it and a trim of white lace. The third skirt is made to resemble piano keys, lined with brown or light gold.

Charcoal Forte ShoesEdit

A white top with thick cuff at the end and thin pale brown lines. A dark grey tank-top with a row of white buttons covers the torso with a white lace trim. At the neck is a red ribbon with a gold music note.

Blue Piano ScoreEdit

A dark blue book with gold writing, designs, and corner accents.

Charcoal Forte Mini BereEdit

A dark grey bere with two gold music notes pinned to the corner.

Gold Note EarringsEdit

A pair of gold gem dangles with a musical note on the bottom.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit