Kanji キャンディッド
Romaji Kyandiddo
Character Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Gold
Weapon Book

Candid is a Rival characters in Otocadoll. She is a fortuneteller with a gold color scheme.



Candid has a fair complexion with lilac eyes and very long blue hair worn in a thick braid, accented with a gold crescent attached to ruffled material, a gold forehead accessory, gold pearl chains, and a white ribbon. She has gold earrings on. She also wears gold rings, a white cuff with blue ribbon, a gold bracelet, two necklaces, two bracelets on her upper left arm, and a gem accessory beneath the shoulder.


Candid is a playful, but blunt and honest teller of fortunes. However, she ends up telling some silly fortunes- possibly as a result of her own actions beforehand.

Stage EntranceEdit

Candid floats down and with magic, her book opens and flips through the pages while she looks through it. She makes a dramatic, foreboding pose, then winks while landing.


  • Shine- Candid will gaze through her book as she tosses a shining ball of energy up into the sky, before it turns into a light over the enemy.
  • Meteor- Like Chi, Candid will pluck a star out of thin air and toss it at the sky, before falling on the enemy.

Moonlight Sonata/Moonlight SerenadeEdit

Candid leaps off her moon as she uses the power of the moon to turn the moon she sits on into yellow crescent blades around her that fire at the opponent, then turning into a blast that deals damage. In Moonlight Serenade, the blades are pink.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • "I'll be frank! The pudding you had in the fridge is already gone!"


Candid means truthful and straightforward.