Blue March Coord
Coord Info
Brand Heart Parade
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 1

The Blue March Coord is a coord from Heart Parade. It and the Orange March Coord resemble the Pink March Coord. It was released in Prologue: Phase 1.



Blue March BlouseEdit

A pearl blue top with white lace covering the front of the chest. Going down the center is a row of tiny blue buttons. A double ribbon is sewn above this strip, one soft blue, the other blue. The sleeves are white with a line of blue and a thinner red line around the bottom.

Blue March Frill MiniEdit

A pearl blue princess skirt. The waistband is blue with a bow sewn to the back to match the lining on the top layer, along with a lining of blue and red striped bows at every few inches. The center is cut to reveal three white ruffled layers, each with the same lining. A ruffled, two layer petticoat of white rests beneath it.

Blue Ribbon ShoesEdit

Blue ballerina pumps with a ribbon sewn to the back. Comes with white tights.

Love Flame TactEdit

A white wand with fuchsia ribbon wrapped around it. The bottom is silver to match the heart-shaped top with a pair of small wings beneath it, holding a large hot pink gem heart. A hot pink ribbon is tied on the side.

Blue March Mini BereEdit

A blue bere with a thin white band around the bottom. White ribbon tails hand from the corner with two lines of red and a single of blue.

Blue March RibbonEdit

A double bow, the top blue with red lines and center, the second pearl blue.

Blue March PierceEdit

Blue bow shaped earrings hanging from three spheres.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit