Blue Glitter Coord
Coord Info
Brand Sci-Fi Girl
Game Debut 1st Dream: Phase 1

The Blue Glitter Coord is a coord from the brand Sci-Fi Girl. This coord was released in 1st Dream: Phase 1. The Neon Glitter Coord and Dark Glitter Coord resemble it.

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Appearance Edit

Blue Glitter Top Edit

A glittering sapphire top with material cut out on top of the chest. The sides and back are solid white, while sticking out of the arm holes are ruffled pieces of clear material.

Blue Glitter Clear Mini Edit

A white straightened skirt with glittering sapphire sections in the middle. Over this is a clear tutu skirt.

Blue Clear Boots Edit

Sapphire shoes with a clear flap for a cuff. Hot pink tights are included with a thin line of white going down the center of the leg.

Purple Beat Headphone Edit

A white pair of headphones. Two purple rings are on the outer ear surrounding the Sci-Fi Girl logo. The inner part of the ear is entirely purple. Two strips of purple accent the band, above the ear.

Blue Clear Bangle Edit

A split-colored bangle bracelet. One side is sapphire while the other is made of clear material.

Laser Beam FanEdit

A silver, white, and green hand-fan. The folding screen piece is solid with a gradient texture, giving it an ethereal light effect.

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