Blue Girly Coord
Coord Info
Brand Heart Parade
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 2

The Blue Girly Coord is a coord from Heart Parade. It resembles the Pink Girly Coord and Yellow Girly Coord. It was released in Prologue: Phase 2.



Blue Girly TopEdit

A white top with powder blue gingham print. The bottom is in a flower shape, split in the center to reveal a light blue section to match the collar and sleeve cuff. A gold medallion rests at the center of the neck.

Blue Girly SkirtEdit

A light blue gingham skirt with gold lining and a solid colored flap adorned with six buttons. The trim around the bottom is white and powder blue striped with a thin line of soft blue. The waistband is blue with two thin waist straps, each held with a gold button.

Blue Girly PumpsEdit

Blue doll shoes with a solid platform sole of yellow, matching the button on the side of the clasp. Comes with white socks that have a ring of powder blue around the top, along with two flowers, one blue, one sky blue, surrounded by several pearls.

Hot Gourmet PanEdit

A brown wand with white pieces on both the top and bottom. At the bottom are green leaf connected to the red flower-shaped pan.

Blue Flower BaretteEdit

One large indigo flower surrounded by three smaller sapphire flowers and a single sky blue. Each flower has an orange stone in the center with pearls surrounding the entire accessory.

Blue Flower EarringsEdit

A large sapphire flower for each ear adorned with an orange stone.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit