Black Piping Coord
Coord Info
Brand Marguerite Crown
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 2

The Black Piping Coord is a Coord from the brand Marguerite Crown. It and the Red Piping Coord resemble the Cream Piping Coord. It was released in Prologue: Phase 2.



Black Piping VestEdit

A white blouse with long, slightly puffed sleeves. Beneath the shoulder part rests a string bow. Over this is a black vest lined in gold to match the buttons sewn to the torso. At the neck rests a yellow ribbon with a ruffled cravat beneath it.

Yellow Checked PleatEdit

A yellow and grey straightened check print skirt. Around the bottom is a ring of gold, along with lace sticking out from the bottom.

Black Long BootsEdit

Dull black boots with a thin line of frills lining the strip where the laces are tied.


A pair of black gem dangles in two pieces. At the bottom rests a black gem musical note.

Angel WandEdit

A brown and gold wand with a gold diamond on the bottom. On top rests two large gold loops tangled around each other with a white and gold cross adorned with a single blue gem in the center. Gold wings are attached to the ornament.

Black Velor HeadbandEdit

A plain black headband.

Black Velor RibbonEdit

A black headband with a ribbon on top of it.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit