Berry Whip Coord
Coord Info
Brand Gulico
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 2

The Berry Whip Coord is a Coord from the brand Gulico. It was released in Prologue: Phase 2.



Berry Whip BustierEdit

A pink bustier top with a white frilly bib, adorned with magenta ribbon and a tiny bow at the bottom. Three heart-shaped buttons are sewn to the middle, with the collar made from a ribbon tied behind the neck. Comes with white gloves accent with magenta ribbon in the wrist.

Berry Whip MiniEdit

A pink princess skirt with sections of five magenta lines. The waistband is dark pink with a row of pearls beneath it. At the hem is a row of large pearls alternating with a sliced strawberry, tucked on top of pink cream. A white cream petticoat sticks out from the bottom.

Berry Whip PumpsEdit

Magenta baby doll pumps with cream on top of the toe, accent with a single strawberry. Comes with frilly, pale pink socks with pink lining on each layer a the cuff, accent with magenta ribbon.

Cream BrimEdit

A pale pink brim with several sections cut out along the top.

Berry Whip EarringsEdit

Studs shaped like cream with a magenta silk ribbon beneath it, attached to a single pearl and a sliced strawberry.

Delicious Silver SpoonEdit

A silver spoon with designs in the spoon and on the handle. A pink ribbon lined with magenta rests beneath the top of the spoon.


  • The design of the skirt is based on a strawberry cake.
  • The skirt is shorter on the player than on Gulico.


Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit