Kanji アバリータ
Romaji Abarīta
Character Info
Species Devil
Gender Female
Color Pink
Weapon Staff

Avaritia is a demon and Rival character in Otocadoll. Her theme colors are pink and black and she uses staffs/wands to fight.

She first appeared in Prologue: Phase 1.



Avaritia has a pale complexion and large hot pink eyes. As a demon she has a black tail and wings. Her medium-length purple hair is slightly wavy with her bangs separated in three parts. She wears pink nail polish.


Playful and cute, Avaritia uses this to get whatever catches her attention. She has no problem charming or manipulating others with an innocent smile.

Stage EntranceEdit


  • Avarita will either wink, blow a kiss, or make a heart that deals damage and drains the target's MP
  • Avarita will get close to the target and, while making an innocent face, pokes the target.

___ ___Edit

Avaritia uses a hand to flip her hair and slowly spins on one foot. She brings two fingers to her lip while making a cute face and sends out a glowing heart, which bursts on the target into a shower of smaller hearts.


My Precious One

Significant CoordsEdit



Avaritia comes from the Latin word "avaria", which means greed or avarice. It is also comes from the translation of the Latin word of Western Christianity, Avaritia.


  • Despite the players being able to win the wand that can be used to do Avaritia attacks, Avaritia herself never uses the wand the players get to use, making her the only rival to not use a weapon. Instead, she uses her charm for physical attacks, such as winking, poking, and blowing kisses.