Kanji アイディ
Romaji Aidi
Character Info
Species Doll (Automaton)
Gender Female
Color Pink & gold
Weapon Wand

Aidee is one of the rival characters in Otocadoll. Her theme colors are pink and gold and she is an automaton or a wind-up doll and servant to Luciko. She uses a wand in battle and favors the brand Lost Paradise.

She was introduced during 1st Dream: Phase 3.



Aidee has a pale complexion and fluffy greenish-platinum hair worn loose and with a pair of short, thick twin-tails. Her bangs are neatly brushed. She has heavy looking eyes of gold and thick grey lashes. She wears gold medallion earrings and a gold headband with a gold birdcage attached to it, along with two white feathers and a red striped ribbon with a gold ornament. She has a large gold wind up key in her back.


While she can easily read and adjust herself according to the mood, she is nothing more than a blank doll with no sense of self. Her time is often spent questioning who she may actually be.

Stage EntranceEdit

Aidee stands still as the wind-up key turns on her back. Slowly she moves like a robot as gold glows form around her. She then raises a hand and poses.


  • Rock- Aidee gathers magic in her wand, before turning around and summon rocks to deal damage.
  • Thunder - Aidee spins around, summoning lightning with her wand.
  • Charge - Aidee puts her hands to her chest as she twirls her wand and create a purplish-white burst of energy that raises her MP
  • Aidee does the same animation that increases her MP but it instead increase her attack power.

Clockwork Heart/Clockwork HeartbeatEdit

Aidee raises her wand and releases it, causing it to vividly glow as the top piece spins. A heart forms from her hands and connects to the wand to form a large glittering pink heart. On the next turn, it changes to gold and she aims her now glowing hands at the target, summoning several light arrows from the heart, which strike the target.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • "I wonder where the real me is?"


Aidee has many meanings depending on the country of origin. In French the word means helpful, while in Hebrew it means Ornament or brightness. In Japanese, her name is pronounced identically to the letters ID, referring to both an acronym for "identity" as well as the Freudian psychological concept of the "id", which controls instincts and desires.


  • Aidee resembles Apple White from Ever After High
    • Both have curly light blonde hair and fair skin.
    • Both originally had/have a white, pink, and red themed attire.
    • Their hair ornaments are similar.
  • She, along with Luciko, are the first two characters to have a clone/twin. They were later followed by Ai.
  • She and Luciko are the first two characters to share a brand, Lost Paradise, followed by Michaco and Es using Love of Eden, and then Ame and Yomi using Heaven.
  • She shares her skill/finisher with Es, making them the first and thus far the only characters to share a skill.
    • In the July 14th update, Soleil and Luna, the idol name for Sunny and Seina, respecitivly, became the third and fourth characters to share a Hime Mode skill.
  • Out of all of the characters in the game (including Es), Aidee is the only character who doesn't have a noticeable shine on her eyes as to represent her blank, lack of self.
  • Although her title is “Automata”, the word is actually the plural form of the word “automaton”
  • During development, Aidee's theme color was originally supposed to be green.[1]
    • She also was supposed to wear tights and originally had a key as her weapon in her first concept. These were later used in Es’ design.