Kanji あい
Romaji Ai
Character Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Pink
Weapon Staff

Ai is the main character and a Player Character of Otocadoll. Her favorite brand is Heart Parade and she was introduced in Prologue: Phase 1. Her theme color is pink and she uses staffs/wands.



Ai has a fair complexion with thick straight bangs and forelocks that reach her ears. Her long soft pink hair is nearly waist length and flares up in seperated locks on end with a pale blonde ombre. A small tuft of hair is pulled into a ponytail on top of her head. Her eyes are blue.

Her casual outfit in game is a magenta blouse with a pink skirt and black heels. Her skirt has tiny, pale pink bows in sets of four to make circle shapes.


A sweetheart with a bright atmosphere. Full of energy and pep, she loves anything irresistibly cute, along with baking. Unfortunetly, she isn't good at it and can only make food look good, unaware that it makes people who eat it sick. She always remains hopeful and is very kind to others- even her shadow self, who she tries to encourage. 


  1. This Finger Will Stop Everything
  2. This Finger Will Stop Everything -Otoca D'or ReMIXies-
  3. Lovely FACE
  4. You and Your Thanks
  5. Hey, you know what, you know what♪

Significant CoordsEdit

  • Pink March Coord - The first coord given by Luciko (minus the shoes and accessories) to Ai if she is selected as the player character. This is also her casual outfit.


Ai means love in Japanese.



  • Luciko is the only character who can eat her cooking without feeling any signs of illness. As a result she is the only one who likes it.
  • In the game, her Hime Mode's special deals damage to her opponent/s.
    • She shares this trait with Rose and Coco.
  • She is the third character to have a clone/twin, first being Luciko and Aidee.
    • However, she is the first Player Character to have a clone/twin.
  • During development, Ai was originally supposed to have short red hair. [1]