Kanji アシディア
Romaji アシディア


Character Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Ice Blue
Weapon Book

Acedia is a Rival character in Otocadoll. She is a Sorcerer's Apprentice and first appeared during Prologue: Phase 1.



Acedia is a young girl with a fair complexion and short blue hair that cover her eyes. When revealed, her eyes are bright caramel. According to the 2017 November calendar, she has twintails with pom-pom hair ties underneath the hood.


Introverted with a weak constitution. Acedia is shy and keeps to herself, often looking sad or apprehensive. She has a surprisingly scary side to herself if pushed enough.

In the Merry Christmas stage, she seems to gain a lot more confidence when she's fighting.

Stage EntranceEdit

Shyly Acedia shifts her foot and turns to the opponent before speaking. She appears unsure of herself while snowflakes appear around her.

Alt Edit

Her ears are seen behind a snowman as she peeks out of the snowman before appearing in front of the snowman as she shyly reveals her book.



  • Hime + - Opens her book to summon an ice beam to the sky, adding 3 stars to her chart.
  • Ice - Looking shyly, Acedia turns around and conjures up magic with her book, summoning pillars of ice at the target.


For a moment Acedia appears startled, only to reveal she is actually angry. The rabbit ears of her hood stand up on end and she summons her book, which grows several sizes bigger and slams it on the target.


Significant CoordsEdit


Her name comes from the Latin word "acedĭa" which means the lack of interest or care for someone else.

Acedia is also the Latin name for "Sloth" one of the Deadly Sins.


  • "Um...I'd really like to go home. Is that right...I can't, huh..."